S.O.S.F. Hammered Marry T-Shirt


  • 100% of the profits go to Saving Our Sharks Foundation
  • 4.3 oz./yd², 60/40 combed ring-spun cotton/polyester, 32 singles
  • Fabric laundered
  • Set-in CVC 1×1 baby rib collar
  • Side seams
  • Tear away label

*Prices are in USD. All products are made on demand and can be shipped to the USA, Canada, and Mexico



Introducing “Hammered Mary” – Art for Advocacy 🌊💙

In a remarkable collaboration, artist Matt Kotch (@fishpainter) joins forces with Saving Our Sharks Foundation, DeadHead Rum, and Cocomama Tiki Room to champion the cause of shark preservation. This collaboration brings forth the “Hammered Mary” T-shirt, a creative endeavor aimed at supporting the Isla Mujeres Initiative in the Mexican Caribbean.

The “Hammered Mary” transcends mere artistic expression, it embodies a fusion of intense passion and purpose. This unique T-shirt signifies much more than just clothing—it serves as a powerful call for environmental responsibility and offers a beacon of hope in the relentless fight to safeguard sharks against the perils of the open ocean.

Why “Hammered Mary”?

Each stroke, each color, and symbol in “Hammered Mary” narrates the poignant tale of our oceans’ guardians—sharks. Caught in the crossfire of exploitation and indifference, these majestic creatures find a voice in Matt’s work. The artwork beautifully encapsulates the struggle for equilibrium, with a scarecrow standing guard, ensuring every fish, every creature under its watchful gaze thrives in harmony—a guardian of the seas, if you will.

In a world where the value of life is often measured by profit, Kotch replaces the crucifix with a dollar sign crafted from harpoons. A stark reminder of the price paid in the balance of consumption and conservation.

Wear Your Support

By choosing the “Hammered Mary” T-shirt, you wear a narrative—a testament to the urgency of shark conservation. It’s a statement that you stand for balance, for sustainable coexistence, and for a future where our oceans and its inhabitants flourish in harmony.

Shop with a Purpose

Every purchase is a pledge—a commitment to the cause of saving sharks, preserving our oceans, and, inherently, saving humanity from the brink of ecological imbalance. Your support enables ongoing conservation efforts, fueling the fight against exploitation and ignorance.

Connect Emotionally

Imagine an ocean without sharks, a marine ecosystem crumbling under the weight of human greed. With “Hammered Mary,” you wear your heart on your sleeve, literally and metaphorically. You carry the story of survival, of hope, and the relentless pursuit of balance.

Join us. Make a difference.

Shop “Hammered Mary” now, save sharks, save our oceans, save people.

Your choice has the power to echo through the depths of the oceans and beyond. 🌊🦈

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